Monday, March 10, 2008

California Dreamin' on such a winters day

Top Notch!

Hiking in the Sierra's

Hard core blueberry pickers

Tony, Allen, and Matt...softball dad's extrordiner!

Caden - down & ready at b-ball practice

Hello all!!....Yes we are still alive. Belive it or get you all caught up I'll start with the kids. Caden and Calista are both playing indoor soccer and are both on the 1st place team for their age group ( Caden is in u8 boys and Calista is in the u10 section). They are both soing sooo well! They both play goalie for the first half and forward the second half. Nothing gets past them and they score at least once each game! They are incredible to watch. Calista and Caden are both playing ball right now, too. Caden is on the pac-coast A's team and will be starting pitching lessons this summer. Calista made the Foothill Gold ASA team at the 1st try-outs. She is the star shortstop, bats 1st or 2nd in the line up, and is one of the most hard core girls on the field! Parents are always making comments like, "was that Calista that just dove for that ball? How did you get her to do that?" All we can say is that were not sure, but we think aunt Holly and Papa Lorin may have had an influence! Calista's team just took 3rd place at the triple crown qualifing tourmnament in Salinas ( losing only to an academy team). They were awsome and Calista batted 500. She also made an amazing dive back to 2nd after a failed attempt to steal and some great infield diving catches. This means her team has been invited to play in Park City Utah the 1st week of July (7-12) and she can't wait.Her team is also playing many tourmaments over the next few months including Reno in May and Souther Cal at the end of Summer. SHE'S ONE TOUGH COOKIE, and her brother is following suite. Anyhow, Cassy is still working at the pharmacy in Placerville and teaching 5 classes a week at the sports club including a new spin class. She is also taking Molecular Biology and Inorganic Chemical quantitative analysis this semester at Sac State. Matt is still working at the county as the head CNE in the IT dept. He is also the main chauffeur for the kids sports practices and games.

Well....we are busy beavers and love you all. Here are some pictures at sports, hiking, lizard catching, etc.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Almer Family Experiance

arrrghhh!!! a's a bird, it's a plane,'s superman!!
Calista, tink (neighbor friends), and Caden preparing for a long night of trick-or-treating.

Nice Calista!

Hello All!!! Well, we actually have a day off to update you on our current here it goes. 1st: The kids:
The kids are doing really well in school and sports. As for school, Calista just made honor roll, 4th grade is the 1st time you can get honor roll status, so we are very happy with her hard work and effort. Caden received good marks across the board as well and we are happy as can be with his extra efforts to improve on his reading. They just finished regular soccer season of which they both played on the all-stars teams. They both just moved up a level in gymnastics (just below competitive status) and are doing great! Calista also just completed another winterball season of softball. Her team did amazingly well for having 2 league age 7, and 10 league age 8&9 yr age girls on their 10U team. We overheard many other teams complaining about losing games to the "little girls" on the other team. The kids were able to join Matt and I this summer to see a few music concerts,too, including Rush, Def Leppard, Sticks, and Foreigner. (We left them at home for Van Halen...heheh).

As For the future:

Both of the kids were invited to play on indoor select soccer teams this winter that should begin in December. Calista has a second try-out for the Foothill girls ASA softball team on December 15th. Caden gets to participate in the Placerville Christmas parade on Dec.2 with his cub scout troop. The boys will be dressed as "Who's" from the Grinch, and riding on a float down Main St. Placerville. Caden has almost completed his Wolf and is very excited to move on to become a Bear cub scout.

2nd The Parents:

We are doing great. We are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary on Nov.29th. Between work and ushering kids around to sports Matt couldn't be more busy. At Calista's end of the season team party for softball Matt was honored with a new grill, a gilling utencil set, and an apron because he facillitated the team BBQ/ grill at every game day (double headers which lasted over 5 hours). I am teaching 9-10 aerobic/water/and sculpting classes a week at the sports club followed by working at the pharmacy. I was also able to be the assistant coach on Calista's all-star soccer team, and line coach for Caden's all-star soccer team, which I really enjoyed, a lot!